BIG SHOUTOUT to The Bike Affair,  Gokul Krishna and Krish Basu for lending me the Merida Big Nine, which is a superb bike. Will write a review on that later on.

My aims for the tri were to improve my swim time. And to understand how hard to push on a bike and still have the legs to run strong. Training with Deepak Raj was geared around this goal. I had 20 hour training weeks with 6 to 7 day a week training.
There was a lot of emphasis on bricks and very hard intervals that Ayush Singh had a lot of taste of.

Now for the race proper:

— Swim —
I broke my previous PB of a 14 min 800 meter swim to sub 13 min. The water was superb. Despite being open water, I could see the bottom of the water all the way. It was amazing and so beautiful. I am sure my swimming buddies will enjoy it.

— Cycle —
This is where all the mistakes started. The course was filled with very bad climbs all the way. And one part of the course had a water body to cross. I had worn road bike cleats which was a big mistake. I had to walk up certain sections in the road shoes. Which is very tough and agonizingly slow. Next time I will wear either normal shoes or get MTB shoes.
— Run —
The run was literally a trek route. Slippery rocks. some very bad drops and lots of thorny bushes. I lost my way several times. The route did not allow for a hard run as I would hit the brakes as soon as I saw something in front that I did not understand. For example, very tall grass, big rock formations, or innocent looking open fields.
— by Dr Vignan

Sports Med, MBBS

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