What is Adductor Tendonitis?
Exercise Induced pain at the insertion of the adductor longus muscle(see picture). Insertion is where the muscle attaches to the bone. It can be seen with a slip, strain or split on a slippery field or ground. It is common in footballers, who usually complain of an inability to strike the ball with full power.

Some muscles of the thigh

How it happens?
It can be seen with excessive strain from jumping, twisting, plyometrics, or running. The right and the left leg anatomy(muscle length, bone length) vary from person to person and it is possible for one side to be affected more commonly.

One will notice pain when the adductor longus muscle is touched. The pain worsens when the muscle is contracted against a stretch(butterfly stretch).

Butterfly stretch


An X-ray would be normal because of the low resolving power. An MRI may show local hyper-intensity and swelling. An Ultrasound may be useful as well.

Most cases would only need stretches, RICE, POLICE, or modification of training. In case the injury is seen with an instable core, or imbalance – Core conditioning or balance training can be useful.
Image result for adductor longus stretch


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