Dr Fitness was started in January 2017 with the aim of bridging the gap in healthcare and fitness. Fitness is often an after-thought. One usually only gets fit after they have already suffered a disease or received an alarming blood report. And then one does not know where to start.

Dr Fitness is here to help. Join one of our plans that helps to get you from a couch potato to fighting fit. We have plans for completely healthy individuals looking to do their first 5 km, their first triathlon, to plans for someone trying to lose weight to combat a high blood glucose or blood lipid levels. Check out our services here.

Rehab medicine is another branch that we take very seriously. Our doctors will study your case in detail and walk you through each step of getting back your fitness. If you feel that you fit into none of these categories, we can create a plan that is totally customized for you! Just get in touch!


Our Team



Dr Vignan

Cofounder5th elite finisher @ Desaru 113
4th @ Ban Phe Triathlon
6th @ Bellitung Triathlon
Telangana Team TriathleteMBBS, Sports Medicine
Swathi Vasireddy


Trekker with 10 years exp
Software engineer and Team manager

B Tech, MSc Psychology



Dr Nitin Abhinav


Multiple Marathon Finisher
Half Iron distance finisher
Ex-registrar @ SSCDC